The American Sailboat by Gregory O. Jones *Signed*

The American Sailboat by Gregory O. Jones *Signed*

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Written (and signed!) by one of HMM's fantastic tour guides, The American Sailboat is sure not to disappoint!

The American contribution to sailboat design, construction, and evolution is nearly immeasurable. A group of dedicated yachtsmen, journalists, and designers changed the perception of the sailboat from a work-only device to a recreational vessel. Subsequently, American boat yards launched venerable sailboats that captured the hearts and imaginations of pleasure boaters. 

From schooner to dinghy, The American Sailboat provides the distinguished history of all the major boat classes, including sneakboxes, bugeyes, catboats, frostbites, star boats, A to E scows, Friendship sloops, Comet, Skipjacks, S-boats, Thistles, Cubs, One Designs, and many more of the most popular one designs. In addition, the instrumental role that yacht clubs and racing played in the sailing sport is covered. 

American Sailboat also provides an in-depth examination of the boat yards and companies, such as Herreshoff, Alden, Lawley, Owens Yacht Company, Hinckley, Sparkman & Stephens, and others. From the early wood building techniques to the modern assembly-line techniques used in the construction of fiberglass boats, each significant advancement in boat building technology is discussed. The origin, growth, and development of sailing and sailboat industry in each region of the country is chronicled in detail. Over 200 photos of these timeless boats from the leading maritime photographers and authoritative text from Sailing Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Gregory O. Jones makes this an essential addition to any sailor's library.