The Wizard & The Queen

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The Wizard And The Queen: Captain Nat Herreshoff Helms GLORIANA, 1891 By Russ Kramer 

  • 672 Piece Puzzle
  • Exclusively Available at the Herreshoff Marine Museum & our online store!
  • Original artwork by renowned marine painter Russ Kramer

About the Image: Revolutionary among the forty-six-foot class with her spoon bow and cutaway forefoot, GLORIANA — dubbed “The Queen of the Waters” — went undefeated during her first season of 1891, and established Nathanael Herreshoff — “The Wizard of Bristol” — as the preeminent designer of his time.

About the Artist: This work was painted in oil on linen by Russ Kramer who is widely regarded to be among the country’s leading marine artists. His large-scale studio paintings create ‘first-hand’ experiences for the viewer, putting you right on board during some of history’s greatest yacht races or turn-of-the-century luxury vessels.