The America's Cup: 150 Years in the Making DVD

The America's Cup: 150 Years in the Making DVD

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Through thrilling visuals, vivid story-telling and scintillating interviews, The America's Cup story brings you the great narrative of the oldest and grandest event in international sports in continuous competition. Host and narrator, Walter Cronkite, takes you behind the scenes of history. We encounter the titans of industry who inspire to win the Cup, among them, media mogul, Ted Turner, tells how he won the America's Cup and Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, challenges for the Cup once again. We meet the great men of yesteryear who made the America's Cup what it is today; Sir Thomas Lipton, Harold Vanderbilt, Halsey Herreshoff, and others, all part of the rich history of the America's Cup.


Produced by Pj Panzica and Lighthouse Productions

Directed by PJ Panzica

Music by Russ Landau

Historical Writer: John Rousmaniere

Narrator and host: Walter Cronkite

Copyright 2009