Burnside Brands Sweater

Burnside Brands Sweater

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A Timeless Classic with a Herreshoff Twist! 

Introducing Burnside Brands, an independent retail company that we are happy to feature here at the HMM Gift Shop! This Burnside Brands Sweater is a must-have for any Herreshoff fan as the days get colder. Featuring HMCo.'s RELIANCE and the Herreshoff Script on a red-outlined arm patch, the Burnside Brands Sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe!

Available in Men and Women's, this cable-knitted sweater is 100% organic cotton with a windproof lining. High neck and metal zipper, with a structured cable knit for optimum warmth and comfort! Produced in Europe, Burnside Brands ensures quality, durability and style with their sweaters.

Note: Men's is only available in Navy, and Women's is only available in White for the time being.